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Partnership in arbitration

Embracing law with commitment & courage

About the team

We, as a team, have been working together on international arbitrations and projects for more than a decade. We have now decided to pool our resources in a new format.

We do not share the belief held by many that law is an industry sector like any other. Law is not an impersonal assembly line. Working in law requires a robust personal commitment.

This is how we prefer to work.

While commercial arbitration, both as counsel and arbitrator, initially comprised a substantial part of our practices, our workload in investment arbitration continues to grow.

We do not per se refuse to take on politically sensitive cases or represent persons or entities listed as sanctioned. Subject to proper due diligence, we are not inclined to hide behind the nebulous concept of reputational risk as an excuse to avoid assisting a client in pursuing and enforcing legitimate legal interests.

Black and white image of lion from the side made of stone overviewing the entrance of the bridge crossing the intake of the Danube Canal in Vienna as a metaphor about strong partnerships in international arbitration and litigation.

Strong Partnership

We share our belief as to what is important with our friends and colleagues in ACQUIS EU Law & Policy in Brussels and Paris.

Working closely with ACQUIS and its lawyers, government relations, policy and sanctions compliance experts, allows us to tap into their resources to tailor case-specific teams.

Likewise, ACUQIS may have recourse to our resources to build their own teams.